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Phoenix Day


Week Of Rainbows

“May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down.” 
Rainbow over the Anchorage
Almost every day last week I spotted rainbows. On my way to and from work mostly.

In the boatyard near my office

Above the boatyard next to ours

A friend sent me a link to beautiful photos of Moonbows,
a phenomenon I did not know existed.

On Friday, my last day of work for 2012
In flight, just after take off on my way to Florida.
The dark spot on the lower left is the shadow of the plane
and it is encircled by a rainbow.

First rainbow in West Palm Beach outside my Mom’s apartment.
Rainbows have been symbols of hope and new beginnings throughout time, and seeing one has always made me smile. I photograph rainbows whenever an opportunity presents itself and seeing five rainbows in a week seems too important a symbol to ignore. So I did some research. The Symbolism of the rainbow is both rich and ancient.

A rainbow can symbolize a bridge between the spiritual realm and the realm of matter below. Or it can represent a journey’s end. The leprechaun’s legendary and mystical “pot of gold” is to be found at the end of the rainbow. Noah saw a rainbow at the end of the great and turbulent flood which signified the end of his voyage and a return to calmness and peace. In this respect the rainbow is also a symbol for cleansing.

As the rainbow only appears after stormy skies, it is a symbol for the restoration of cosmic order. And, just as turbulent storms are necessary for nature to cleanse and feed the Earth, so too are emotional storms necessary in our lives in order to cleanse away our burdens and feed our souls. In this respect the rainbow also symbolizes the peace and calmness which comes to us at the end of unsettling periods of our lives.

This last interpretation, for me was particularly beautiful. I believe that glimpsing so many rainbows in just a few days could not be simply by chance (or weather systems). I’ve been weighed down lately by several emotional situations and trying very hard to deal with them properly and move on in a healthy way. For me, these rainbows are reminders to have faith in myself, my path and my future. 

Rainbow research source: Joseph Panek

The Last Rainbow

As it was written so it has come to pass.
Wrapped in a hemp jacket, on a plane
bound for a destination away from his heart.
Raindrops collect tears on small oval windows,
gaining momentum and down they roll.
There’ll be no more talk of rare moonbows.
Sobs choked back and all ascend.
With a deep breath the time has come.
It’s now or never, Amber’s off the shelf.
A noonday sun casts a shadow
On the misty gray retreating clouds below:
An aircraft encircled in a spectrum halo.
A rainbow’s reminder and promise:
Thank you for being you.
To be anything else is to be so much less.
As it was written so it shall be:
Today a new story will be chosen.
It was always mine: The story of Me.

One Day….

Moon Bridge, Taiwan
 … and the day after that:
Rainbow Bridge, China
I’ll see these places.

Angel’s Rainbow

Last evening I met a friend for a drink and he pointed out this rainbow to me. I managed to line it up with a decorative Angel installed by the restaurant for Christmas. Then, this morning, I actually drove through a rainbow on my way to work. It was a very strange experience, almost as if, I wasn’t real. Have any of you ever driven through a rainbow?

Here’s To Light In Dark Places

After my four week vacation was interrupted halfway through by a car accident I was ordered two additional weeks of bed rest by my doc. By last night I was fussing a bit about having to go back to work but what has to be done must be done. I shined my shoes, ironed my work shirt, packed a lunch and set my alarm clock for 5:00am. With no new car to replace the one I lost in the accident, by 6:30am I was waiting on my boss to pick me up. Half an hour later I called only to find out he’d forgotten all about me. I should’ve known it was a day to stay at home.
My day at the office started off surprisingly well and I actually found myself happy to be busy again. After six weeks of Big Bang Theory and just about everything else on cable, I was pretty content catching up on my workload…for about two hours. Then the realizations began to sink in: nothing had changed in the six weeks I’d been away – office procedures were being ignored, production was late, the accounts were a mess, and the boss still had no clue. Sigh. I’m more sure than ever that this is not the place for me. My heart feels heavy and my spirit feels chained and contained. I had a terrible headache by 11:00am, my first in six weeks, which says a lot considering I was in an actual car crash four weeks ago! I complained to a friend of mine and he said that I needed to see a rainbow today.
I managed to make it through the day and waited until 5:30pm so I could get a lift home. Only to find out that there was no power or water at the apartment. At this point all I wanted to do was have a shower and go to bed. Luckily I store water in 5 gallon water bottles in case of emergencies so I had a chilly bath with my washtub and a jug. Right now I’m out on my balcony with a cold beer. Friends have been texting (the  call service is down as well in my area), to make sure I’m ok. I’m feeling loved. Not a bad way to end such a day: sipping my beer, looking out over the dark neighbourhood toward the sea, seeing lights on ships twinkling in the distance, and watching the moonrise. One must make the best of things. Cheers!

Oh and I got my Rainbow after all.
My cousin messaged me on bbm with this pic.

Rainbow Farewell

“May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down.”
(I knew I’d see a rainbow before the big move)

Sun’s Halo

Last week Sunday, I received a phone call from my sister around 10:30am. “Go outside right now with your darkest shades. Oh, and grab your camera.” I did what she said and was treated to a magnificent halo around the Sun. It was gorgeous.

The halo was created by reflections and/or refractions on hexagonal  ice crystals in cirrus clouds. Newsday said that such halos are more common in cold weather, so for us to see one in the tropics was indeed a special treat.

“Well everybod’ys dancing in a ring around the sun
Nobody’s finished, we ain’t even begun.
So take off your shoes, child, and take off your hat.
Try on your wings and find out where it’s at.”
Grateful Dead

Farewell To Dark Night

I wished for it and there it was. 🙂

Farewell to dark night

and fitful dreams.
A Glimmer of hope
becomes Rainbow Promise
Someday we’ll find it
the Rainbow Connection.
The lovers, the dreamers,
and Me.
It’s a beautiful version sung by Jason Mraz of one of my all time favourites.
Song courtesy a super friend during breakfast this morning. 
May you each find a connection such as this. 🙂

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