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Art Spaces – Felder

Felder Miniature Houses (2)

Langdon Tremayne Frauenfelder, self-taught Trinidadian artist, builds miniature replicas of early 20th Century houses. As a child he was intrigued by the creative expressions of older siblings, and one day, while watching his eldest brother build a replica of Skeletor’s Castle Grayskull, his imagination was set on fire, and he built his first house out of a Corn Flakes box. That was the beginning of his fascination with scale models and the inspiration that motivated him to create his own. Felder, as he is known as in the art community, is currently exhibiting eight miniature houses as a part of the Synergie de Trois exhibition at the ASTT Gallery.

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Art Spaces – R. Gerard Fulchan

Dawning of the Eclipsing Soul - R. Gerard Fulchan
Dawning of the Eclipsing Soul – R. Gerard Fulchan Medium: Painted Carving (Acrylic paint on Trinidad Mahogany), 2016. Size: 65″×19.5″.

Gerard Fulchan is a Trinidadian artist and poet who is currently exhibiting at the ASTT Gallery. Fulchan works with both hand and power tools and prefers Trinidadian Teak and Mahogany over other hardwoods. The above piece is one of many I found particularly intriguing. Continue reading “Art Spaces – R. Gerard Fulchan”

Western Main Road

Neala Luna Photography - Western Main Road

“It was like that all the time, in those years: an endless trip, a gaudy voyage. But powers decay. Time leaches the colors from the best of visions. The world becomes grayer. Entropy beats us down. Everything fades. Everything goes. Everything dies.” ~ Robert Silverberg

“There’s Beauty in the Breakdown” – A to Z Challenge 2016

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Orangefield Neala Luna Photography

“There is a stillness between us, a period of restlessness that ties my stomach in a hangman’s noose. It is this same lack in noise that lives, there in the darkness of the grave, how it frightens me beyond all things.” ~ Nathan Reese Maher

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North Coast

Neala Luna Photography - North Coast

“Just as the constant increase of entropy is the basic law of the universe, so it is the basic law of life to be ever more highly structured and to struggle against entropy.” ~ Vaclav Havel

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Mount Saint Benedict

Neala Luna Photography - Mount Saint Benedict

“The window of life is mirrored. And tinted. And shattered. And borrowed.”
~ Jarod Kintz, A Zebra is the Piano of the Animal Kingdom

“There’s Beauty in the Breakdown” – A to Z Challenge 2016
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Kandahar Street


“No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.” ~ George Chakiris

“There’s Beauty in the Breakdown” – A to Z Challenge 2016
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Fort King George

Neala Luna Photography - Fort King George
800+ year old skeleton of one of our Amerindians (the first peoples of Trinidad and Tobago)

“The world dies over and over again, but the skeleton always gets up and walks.” ~ Henry Miller

“There’s Beauty in the Breakdown” – A to Z Challenge 2016
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Long Time Mas in T&T’s Carnival

For Carnival this year I had the opportunity to write about one of the historical tenets of T&T Carnival: Traditional Mas and Old Mas.

Photo by Stephen Broadbridge
Photo by Stephen Broadbridge

“Blue soap, grease and mud; herring-bone corsets, cosquelle bonnets and bustles; papier mache, bamboo, chip chip shells and rice-bags; colour-rich velvet, lace, satin and silk; warm waxy scent of face paint; chants and lyrics echoing with history; gestures and rhythmic dances flexed into muscle memory; lance and shield, crack of whips and breaths of fire. This is Mas. This is 230 year old Traditional Mas and it is living, breathing, evolving and still story-telling in our Carnival today.”    Read more: Maco People Magazine. Pg14. Continue reading “Long Time Mas in T&T’s Carnival”

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