Neala Luna is a Warrior Poet, inspired by the Moon and the Light that burns fiercely in each of us. A philosopher and explorer who is passionate about books, music, true love and talking, she has a keen interest in human expression, personal growth and creative healing. Through the expressive arts, she endeavours to understand the nature of light and shadow in her surroundings, herself and in others. “We are all creative. Its source lies at the very core of each of us. When we are creating anything, – art, music, stories, food, – we connect to the purest, deepest and most honest parts of ourselves. As social creatures, sharing our creations enhances the way we experience the world. Creative expression, ultimately helps us to discover meaning in the madness of life.” Scribbling her stories from the tiny island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, Neala Luna’s poetry, fiction and watercolours reflect what she loves about life in all its beautiful complexities.



February 8th 2012 – The merging of light and shadow:

It seems fitting that on a night like tonight, with the gorgeous full moon on the rise, I am going to publish this post. It has been quite some time since I’ve written a blogpost and even this one seems incredibly difficult to compose. I know many of you, family members and friends are wondering why I’ve haven’t posted since October and are curious what has happened to my blog “awesome ‘appenings”. I suppose I can’t get away with saying “My blog took a mental health day.” That little bit of blog humour is actually close to reality. But don’t worry, I am back and rearing to go.

Awesome ‘appenings was created out of a desire to recognise the beauty, love, and joy life that is all around us. My blog is a little over two years old now and not many of you know but I also posted another blog, A Lucid Dream of my Own, which I used to refer to as my dark side blog in jest. I had in the past compartmentalized my life in such a way, as much of us do, into positive and negative experiences, a dark side and a bright side. Escapism has been a defence mechanism that I had adopted and unfortunately taken to the extreme in certain situations.

Over the past few months specific experiences have made me realize that it is healthier for me to embrace all parts of myself with the goal of understanding my positive and negative reactions to experiences. I am, as we all are, made up of light and shadow and I am, as we all are, capable of projecting that light and shadow into the world around us. I am re-learning to be accountable for my actions and how to own my all of my experiences.

The merging of my two blogs into one, with Moon, Light and Shadow, is my attempt to record a new path on my life’s journey. I will still post my awesome ‘appenings as a part of this blog, but I won’t deny the ‘not so awesome’ experiences, for they too have their tale to tell and can be learned from. Thank you for being a significant part of my journey thus far and perhaps we will continue to wave hellos and send hugs to each other as we run parallel to and cross paths with each other, me on my journey and you on yours.


September 1st 2009 – First blog entry on Awesome ‘Appenings:

“I was checking out the latest Post Secret postcards and I came across one that stated: IT IS MY LIFE GOAL TO HELP YOU SEE WHAT I SEE IN GODS CREATION.

It struck me because that’s how I WANT to look at life. I want to see the beauty in life and not get bogged down by all the ugliness that I know is a part of life. The trick is not to let the ugliness get to you. It’s one hell of a trick for sure. Seems like so many of the people I hang around with just talk about all the negative things in life. I mean, so much so, that sometimes when things in my life seem to be going ok, I feel guilty being happy about it. Not that my friends and family aren’t happy for me, they are, but most people seem to be going through so much… or maybe most of us focus on the bad stuff. Then, out of habit, or by association, I find myself focusing on the negative and complaining all the time too. What about the good things that happen all the time? Why don’t we talk about that?

Yes, I know, “surround yourself with ‘like minded’ souls” or “people who have a positive influence on you”. That’s easy to say, not so easy to do. So I’ve made a decision. I am going to be the positive influence in my life. I want to see good things happen around me. I want something awesome to happen every day. I want to be a positive influence on the people around me.This gives me an idea for a new project, a new Goal.

There’s another blog I check out called Follow the Signs. The author records coincidences that happen to her and the people close to her, and is comforted and reassured that the universe has a plan. I’m going to start a new blog: Awesome ‘Appenings. Each day I want to find at least one awesome thing that happened. For now, I’m not going to worry about the universe or whether or not I’ll actually influence anyone. I need to do this for me. I need to remind myself that there is beauty, and magic, and hope, all around us.”

April 19th 2007 – First blog entry on A Lucid Dream Of My Own

I wonder of everyone has so much difficulty starting a blog. I’ve been trying to find a good way to start my first blog and been sitting on this for weeks. Now I realize why it’s been so hard to start: There is no real reason for me to do this. I have no grand agenda like saving the environment, or sparking spiritual enlightenment, or stimulating religious discussion. I don’t really travel much so this isn’t a travel log. I don’t live in a country ravaged by war. I’m not fighting for a cause.
So what’s the point of this then? Why am I doing this? I think I’m looking for me. I’ve always wanted to write but never had anything truly thought provoking or interesting to say. I still don’t. I’ve kept journals for most of my life, which have all proven to be somewhat superficial records of my life as a teen and “young adult”. Not that I consider myself an adult today mind you. My parents are the adults.

When I was 11 and during my first trip to NY on my own, my aunt encouraged me to start a journal. After that, journals from my early teen years hold recollections of family trips to the beach and weekends at the beach houses. After that, “high school stuff”. That’s what I call all the crap we talked about in my all girls’ high school. High school was cool enough until I hit 15 and then it seemed like all we talked about centered around guys and relationships. Since 17, and my “first boyfriend”, that’s all that my journals have been about. I’ve never really been interested in politics or movements for change, so whatever relationship I was in, that’s what I wrote about. Looking back on it today, it seems pathetic. In fact, it sucks.

Anyway, that’s probably why I stopped writing in my journals somewhere in my late twenties. It was just the same shit different day/week/month/year/guy kind of stuff. Plus, somewhere along the line I started lying to myself about what I felt and how I perceived things. I’ve kept some emails and messenger conversations since then and I still do, those that mean something to me anyway. Still not sure why I keep them… since my emails to my mom and to friends are really just what I think they want to hear anyway. I guess I want to…..no, need to say what I truly feel, and maybe this anonymity can help me to do that.

Again, if you are reading this expecting to be entertained, inspired, or educated, or if you think that I’ll make you laugh or cry, then don’t bother. This isn’t that sort of blog. This isn’t for you, it’s for me. So why am I bothering to blog on the world wide web then? I’m not sure. Maybe I do have something to say. At the end of it all, maybe that’s why I’ve wanted to write for years. To write something, anything, real.

So there you have it: I am a healthy thirty-something, with a job that pays the rent, a car that works well enough, parents, sister, cousins and friends who love me, a live-in boyfriend who believes he loves me, and enough free time to write a blog. What it will inevitably become? How will it end? I do not know. It is a mystery.