Dawning of the Eclipsing Soul - R. Gerard Fulchan
Dawning of the Eclipsing Soul – R. Gerard Fulchan Medium: Painted Carving (Acrylic paint on Trinidad Mahogany), 2016. Size: 65″×19.5″.

Gerard Fulchan is a Trinidadian artist and poet who is currently exhibiting at the ASTT Gallery. Fulchan works with both hand and power tools and prefers Trinidadian Teak and Mahogany over other hardwoods. The above piece is one of many I found particularly intriguing.

“There was no plan when I started working on this piece. I studied impressions in the wood after randomly etching with a router. I turned the piece upside down and saw images coming to life. When I finished it I knew that this creative process was my future.”

“Dawning of the Eclipsing Soul speaks about us as a people. People who tend to destroy their social and spiritual selves by neglecting their natural loving nature, locking themselves away in their concrete walls, sealing up wooden doors. Why does the owl prey on the innocence of the dove? Why is my beautiful Caroni being tampered with and tainted? Why can’t we coexist and grow in strength like tangling roots of the mangrove. Who will step us, and blossom into a higher thinking, a higher purpose, a self-actualization of another state of consciousness? When, my brothers and sisters, would we ever be at peace with ourselves and with others?”

Even though Fulchan’s accompanying script is a story of loss, remorse, sorrow and regret, ultimately I see hope in this beautifully, moving piece. There is a sense of the light and peace that is attainable through connection with and honouring of the self, humanity and nature. The vivid yellows, golds and oranges speak to me of light and opportunity; rich blues represent the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the waters that nurture our islands; the doves in full flight, Sun, Moon and upturned human faces symbolize ascension and the promise of a peaceful future.

Fulchan’s work can be seen as part of the Synergie de Trois group exhibition which continues until Saturday 23rd August 2016, and ends with an Artist’s Talk from 2pm – 4pm.

R. Gerard Fulchan on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RGerardFulchanArt/

Instagram @r.gerardfulchan